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The discussion about which water filter is the most effective and long lived has been lasting on newspapers’ pages, over the radio and TV for several decades. At that, as a rule, one forgets about a fundamental principle that the most optimal water-filter is the filter, which was created by the Nature itself. This filter consists of innumerable organic and non-organic membranes. In that way artificially made by the human filters have to work according to this principle, in particular, they should be sorption and membrane. It’s no doubts for specialists that membrane sorption filters dramatically excel all types of analogous devices as far as effectiveness and capability are concerned.

One of the devices of that level is domestic water filter called “Megran” which has presented more than 5 years at Russian market and makes happy its owners, mostly Muscovites of the clearest drinking water.

Special membrane cleaning system of “Megran” series means running water purifying from hard dashes, colloidal parts and heavy metal salts (copper, mercury, cadmium, chromium, nickel, zinc, arsenic, manganese etc.) and any micro-organisms. The device is set in the water supply and clean water is brought to a supplier through the separate (for this need only) cock.

Dirty water under the purifying process is moving through the main membrane unit, represented the so called “ molecular sieve”, which sifts big organic molecules, heavy metals, dashes etc. After that, preliminary purified water is moving through both extra cleaning devices (there can be 5-7 of them, it depends on the device type) and ion exchange devices, optimizing salt composition of water. Besides, cleaned and salt stabilized water is fining 6 or 12 times on special sorbents and fibre. Such combination of numerical methods of cleaning and fining water, is known among the specialists as “water polishing” lead to great resource of filters mentioned above: 50000 litters for “Megran-003” and 75000 litters for “Megran-006”. No technical support is needed for the devices during 5-6 years placed under the sink in the kitchen. So “Megran” differs from water filter system with cartridges those are to be changed at least each 10-12 months.

For better understanding of water filter uniqueness of “Megran” series it is necessary to realize the purposes, which they had been designed for before they appeared at Russian market.

Let’s see the history… In early 90th at the Russian market water-filters were presented in particular by native technologies: coal-filters “Rodnichek” from Perm, membrane sorption filters from Vladimir, and American filters “Nimbus”, which were actively presented and offered in the market by the Moscow firm NPO “Altrernativa”. Customers and water-filter specialists were not satisfied by all these filters (which were enumerated) because a number of different parameters, in particular:

“Rodnichek”. These filters were quite cheap and at the same time with a good productivity (up to 100 litters per hour), but they were not long-lived and they actively accumulated all that dirt which was in the water.

“Rucheek”. These filters were more expensive than “Rodnichek” and they had worse productivity (10-15 litters per hour), but these water-filters were long-lived (resource: 10000-15000 litters) and at that time they were best native domestic water-filters.

“Nimbus”. These water-filters were more expensive than “Rucheek” (in 10-12 times) and they had poor productivity (25 – 27 litters per 24 hours) as for resources they needed special accumulative capacity for the clean water, which was practically distilled. To get 1 litter of that distilled water (during the cleaning process) we have to pour off 50 litters of unpurified water. (For comparison: for the filter “Megran-006” this index is less then 1 litter per 1 litter of clean water).

In that way against a background of above-named water-filters many problems appeared while making water filter “Megran”. It was necessary to solve those problems and create a water filter or series of water- filters, which met the following requirements:

1. To minimize technical maintenance during operating (hundreds of water-filters of “Megran” series has been working 6 years already without any service and changing spare parts).

2. To maximize possible productivity (“Megran” cleans up to 30 litters/hour which equal 0,5 litters/min, ”Megran-006” has been purifying up to 60 litters/hour or 1 litter/min). For membrane-sorption filters that is of course sign significant.

3. To operate water-filters under extreme conditions. It means operating water-filters when containing of chlorine, iron, bacteria in the running water exceeds the standard in dozen times. In practice “Megran-006” works very effectively and purifies running water with containing faecal water from sedimentation exceeds State standard (GOST) in 43 times. Similar devices have been working about 5 years in a number of children isolation hospitals where foreign water filters had to be changed 3 months later.

4. To be rather cheap. Cost price of 1 litter of purifying water by “Megran” is – 18 kopecks for “Megran-003”, 16 kopecks for “Megran-006”. For comparison: for the best foreign filters this index is not less than 3-5 rubles per litter.

5. To have high level of bacteria defense. In “Megran” purifiers bacteria defense is conditioned, first of all, by the presence of ultrafilter membrane module; it is insuperable barrier with the pores diameter of the order of 0.0135 microns. This membrane is insuperable for the bacteria (it’s cross-sizes are 2 -- 0.4 microns) and for the bacteriophage (the so-called “bacteria-trace”) as well (it’s cross-size is 0.14 – 0.045 microns).

Operation conditions

Initial (unpurified) water – from the cool water supply.
Pressure, kilogram\square centimeter

2.0 – 3.5

Temperature, oC

5 - 35

Residual contents of free chlorine, milligram\litter

up to 1.0

Acidity of the initial water, pH

5 -8

Solid substances, which are dissolving in the water (solid residual)

up to 1000

Contents of the iron, milligram\litter

up to 0.9

Smell, points

up to 10

Coloration, degree

up to 70

Technical characteristics

Purified water productivity:
Under 20oC, litters per hour

30 (“Megrane-003”)

litters per hour

60 (“Megrane-006”)

litters per hour

100 (“Megrane-010”)

Index of purification, %

not less then 98:

-Salts of the heavy metals;
-Pesticides, chlororganics;
-Phenol, benzol, oil;
-Active chlorine;
-Colloidal particles;

Organoleptic indexes of the purified water:


Taste, points

0(no taste)


no smell

Coloration, degree


Turbidity, milligram\litter


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